What is NYX VX

What is NYX VX

NYX VX is platform that delivers a dynamic, seamless and immersive experience in a full 3D environment supporting full VR capabilities. Built on Unity’s gaming engine we are breaking the traditional shackles and limitations allowing creatives in a number of areas to bring their imaginations to life in a way we have never seen before.

Go beyond with NYX VX

Go beyond with NYX VX

Work with our production team to create a virtual experience that will blow the competition out of the water. Whether you are a musician, artist or a business with a requirement for a corporate virtual event, we have you covered. With 3 distinct service offerings NYX VX wants to help creatives around the world get back on their feet and deliver the best possible experience to their customers and fans.

Deliver the most immersive experiences built on Unity’s gaming engine.

Musicians can host virtual events and concerts no matter what the scale.

Artists can create virtual art galleries and experiences on our platform.

Corporate events can be showcased in cutting edge fashion.

Full video streaming and capture with a branded service wrap for events that don’t require 3D.

Full 3D and VR capabilities can take your virtual experience to the next level.

We aim to democratise the experience for everyone, not just those with high performance hardware.

We are building a community that aims to change the way events are delivered and consumed.

The Solution

The Solution

- Musicians -

Reimagine your music in a 3D world and breathe new life into it.

- Artists -

Build your own virtual art gallery and showcase your work in 3D and VR.

- Events -

Create a full end to end virtual event with full production capabilities.

- Bespoke -

If you have a virtual sports requirement, fashion show or retail shopping experience, get in touch



Our Team

Our Team:

Sebastian Lubkowski

Chief Executive Officer

Mariusz Lubkowski

Chief Technology Officer

David Cooper

Chief Revenue Officer

Wojciech Witczak

Chief Experience Officer

James Rees

Chief Information Security Officer

Andy Ramgobin

Managing Director

Bill Genovese

Board advisor

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